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Discover the North and Eastern Cyclades area.

In a week, you will visit the islands of Kea, Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, Syros and Kithnos.

Day 1 :

Check-in at 12:00am. You will be welcomed by our team at the marina, your skipper and hostess will make the tour of the boat and you can settle in your cabins. You will discussed the details of the itineraries and adapt it according to the weather conditions.

The departure will be at 12:30am from the port, your first destination being the island of Kea. After taking you to inaccessible bays and beaches such as Ancient Karthea or Xyla beach, your skipper will moor the catamaran at the port of Korissia, from where you can explore the island freely. Don’t miss  its capital Ioulida, the Stone Lion and the prehistoric settlement of Agia Irini or the church and tower of Agia Marina.

Day 2 :

After a nice breakfast on board, we will sail on to Andros, the second largest island of the Cyclades. Swimming in the blue waters of Kourtali or Zorkos, will make a great first start on Andros. Reaching then the port of Gavrio, you will be able to visit the capital of the island and the famous Tourlitis lighthouse, as well as see the different windmills scattered through the hills or the ancient city of Paleopolis.

Day 3 :

Our third day will be focusing on Tinos, another Cycladic gem, where the skipper will take you to beaches like Panormos, Isternia or Kolympithra for relaxing swims. Once at the port of Tinos, you will see the imposing and worshipped church of Panagia Megalochari. If you wish, you can also rent a car and reach the charming village of Pyrgos and its marbles.

Day 4 :

After leaving Tinos in the morning, we will sail towards the sacred island of Delos, geographical epicentre of the Cyclades. Here you will be able to visit the ancient city and the amazing archeological museum, making a trip to the past and the magnificence of Greek Antiquity. After that, the skipper will take you for a tour of the secluded Rinia island, where you will spend the night. If you wish, you can also reach and discover the cosmopolitan Mykonos.

Day 5 :

Sailing away from Rinia, we will reach Syros, the administrative capital of the Cyclades. You will discover a completely different architecture, coming from the Venetians, who took over and settled on the island for several century. We will visit first the capital of the island, Ermopouli and its old town of Ano Syros, and then the settlement of Foinikas, the ancient Phoenicians port. From there, we can go swimming to the small beach of Kokkina or even the islet of Psachno. Foinikas is where we will spend the night.

Day 6 :

On this last full sailing day, we will reach Kithnos and its little port of Loutra, where we will spend our last night. Take a bath on the hot springs, swim at the nearby small sandy bay of Agia Eirini or even reach by foot the remote beaches of Schinari, Maroulas or Potamia and finish with a fine dining ob board with the crew at Agia Eirini.

Day 7 :

Taking our time in the morning, and after a morning swim in Kithnos or a stroll at Chora, the capital of the island (renting a car will be necessary), we will sail back to Lavrio during the day, reaching the port at the end of the afternoon. You will spend the last night on board.

Day 8 :

Check-out is at 9:00am. Our crew will be happy to give you advice for the rest of your holidays or instructions to reach the airport.

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    Boat Rental FAQ’s

    Find here all the answers to the questions you may have for your charter holidays.
    If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, you can contact us directly.


    We have catamarans almost everywhere in Greece. The main bases are in Lavrio, close to Athens airport, and Milos island, in the Cyclades. From both of these bases, you can easily discover the Cyclades archipelago. After that, we cooperate with companies in Corfu and Lefkada if you want to sail to the Ionian islands, Kos and Rhodes for the Dodecanese Islands, Alimos (in Athens) for the Saronic Gulf, and finally Skiathos and Volos for the Sporades islands.
    Going through Our Fleet, you can already see what type of catamaran you would prefer, according to the size of your group and comfort you want. Then, to make a reservation, you will need to complete the Booking Form and send us as much information as you can on your charter preferences. You can also contact us directly by email at [email protected] and we will answer as soon as possible with catamaran availabilities and details.
    After that, we will discuss together and determine your best options before booking your dream charter.

    It all depends on how many people you will be. We have available catamaran from 38 feet to 62 feet.
    Most cabins are double so you should also pay attention to the number of couples and single people, if you are willing to share your cabin or not, etc.
    After that, the size you choose depends on what comfort and space you wish to have, the bigger the catamaran, the more comfort and space you will have, of course.

    Bareboat catamarans can only be booked if one of you, the skipper, has a sailing license/certificate of competence valid in Greece as well as a VHF license. Another one of the crew should be an experienced co-skipper for bareboat charter.
    Most of the ASA, the NauticEd SLC and RYA licenses are accepted in Greece but we will of course make sure together that you can legally sail on your own.

    If you do not have any license, you will need to charter a skippered or fully crewed catamaran. Skipper’s and hostess’ services are paid separately from the charter fee. You will also need to include them in your provisions for food and drink. When hiring a crew, please take into account that in most cases, they will need their own cabins, included in front of most catamarans or in the salon area.

    The charter fee does not include :

    • Skipper and crew wages which are minimum 190 Euros per day for the skipper and 150 Euros for the hostess + VAT 24% + their food and drinks
    • Fuel : estimated at 250 to 500 Euros for the week
    • Port fees : estimated at 150 to 200 Euros, giving that we will most probably spend some nights in mooring
    • Food and drinks : according to your preferences, as you can take all your meals on board (you will need to provide the provisions) or go out to dinner.
    • Obligatory extras like tourist tax or transit log.
    The estimations we give you here depend of course of the size of the catamaran, the itinerary, the weather, etc.

    The dates of a charter is always from Saturday to Saturday. You cannot charter a boat for less than a week. In the same way, if you want more than a week, you will need to charter the catamaran for 2 full weeks.
    The check-in is on the Saturday morning at around 17:00. For the check out, you will need to be at the base on the Friday evening maximum. You will spend your last night on board and check out between 8:00 and 9:00am the Saturday morning.

    Our crews are selected for their knowledge and experience of the Greek sea.They will take care of all the safety issues. In the same way, all our catamarans are checked and maintained regularly so that you do not have to worry about anything.
    Regarding hygiene, we have put in place with our cooperating partners a protocol for hygiene on board. The catamarans are thoroughly checked, cleaned and sanitised between each charter to make sure to offer you a full Covid-19 free week.

    Before your charter, we will of course discuss with you about possible itineraries. Once on board, if you have chosen a bareboat charter, you may go wherever you want. Our team on dock will nevertheless give you tips and weather previsions for the week so that you can adapt your itinerary accordingly.

    When chartering a skippered or crewed catamaran, you will discuss with the skipper during the check-in to develop an itinerary that suits you. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that the skipper is the one guaranteeing your safety on board and changes in itinerary can happen during the week according to the weather conditions.