14 days trip combining sea and land...

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Day 1:  We will pick you up from Milos Airport.
Transfer you to the hotel and afterwards you will enjoy a 5 hour sightseeing tour around Milos, with a tour guide.

Day 2:  We can rent a car for you in order to explore the beauties of the island
or we can organize for you some activities (kayak, jet-ski, diving, geo-tours).

Day 3: The morning is free.
In the afternoon you will visit the famous Castle of Milos and at night you can have Cocktails at the Cafe Bar "Utopia" while watching the sunset.

Day 4: At 10 a.m. you will meet with your Hosts and visit the local supermarket to buy catering/food supplies for the boat.
At 12 pm we depart for the west part of Milos and Kleftiko. One of the hosts will give you a tour of the secret places where the pirates hid their treasure. Overnight stay at Kleftiko.

Day 5: Departure from Kleftiko to Poliego.
One (1) hour stop at the hot springs in Firligo. There will be a tour by one of the hosts at the caves where the seals live. Two (2) hour stop for a swim in the sea near the Lighthouse, at the north side of Poliego. We then sail to the southern part of Poliego there we are going to visit a couple of shepherds for local tasteful cheese and goat meat. Our next stop is the town (Chora) of Kimolos, where you can choose a traditional Greek tavern to have dinner at. After dinner, we return to Kato Merisini in Poliego.

Day 6: In the morning you can go for a swim.
You will then enjoy your breakfast on the boat. We depart from Poliego and sail to Folegandros next. If the weather is good we will stop at Karavostash; if it is windy we will stop at Ormos Aggali. We then go to the town of Folegandros (Chora) to visit the traditional village and see the local church. After the sunset, we will go for dinner to a local restaurant.

Day 7: We stop at Kardiotisa where you can enjoy snorkeling with masks and flippers.
If the weather is good the captain will most likely catch fresh fish for lunch. After lunch we sail to Sikinos, where we will find the church that looks like a monastery. Afterwards, we are going to visit the town of Sikinos (Chora). While looking at the sunset we will enjoy some wine at a beautiful winery. Overnight at Sikinos on the boat.

Day 8: Departure from Sikinos to Ios.
In Ios you will go by bus to the town of Ios (Chora). In the afternoon we depart for Iraklia. Overnight stay at Iraklia.

Day 9:  In the morning after the breakfast, we will have a unique experience by snorkelling
to explore the location and take pictures from the airplane of the Second World War, which has sunk there. Afterwards, we are going to visit Koufonisia, majestic place. Overnight at Koufonisia.

Day 10: Our departure is 10:30 a.m , our destination now is the bay “Rina”,
which is located at the south side of Naxos. There we will enjoy swimming and also we are going to explore the sea cave which is there. We continue our cruise, now our next stop is Schoinousa island. Overnight stay there.

Day 11: We depart for the “Maganari” of Ios in order to enjoy the incredible waters
and afterwards for a tasteful dinner in a greek local tavern. Overnight stay at a physical bay.

Day 12: We depart for Santorini, arrival at 11:00 a.m at “Ammoudi” port.
You will be directed to the  the hotel by bus. It follows 5 hour sightseeing tour with a local tour-guide to discover the highlights of Santorini. The rest of the day is free.

Day 13: The day is free in order to explore the island or you could do any activities that you wish.

Day 14: Departure to your own destination.

The program is subject to amendment depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain.


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