Two weeks trip in SouthWest Cyclades

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Day 1: Folegandros

Your flight arrives in Santorini. Captain Nick will be expecting you at the airport to welcome you and escort you to the small port of Ammoudi on the northwest part of the island. From there, we hop on the catamaran Chrysovalandou and sail for Armeni bay to spend the night. There is a traditional taverna in Armeni where we'll taste traditional Greek cuisine. In the morning, after a nice swim, we have our breakfast and set course for Folegandros. We stop at a beach on the eastern part of the island for snorkeling and fishing for our lunch. In the afternoon, we sail for Karavostassis, the main port of Folegandros. The capital of Folegandros, Chora, is worth visiting as it is one of the most beautiful in the Cyclades.

Day 2: Milos-Kleftiko

We depart at 11:00AM to Kleftiko, an old, pirates' hideout on the southwest of Milos, for snorkeling in the caves and a tour with the dinghy. We dine on board as there aren't any taverns or houses in Kleftiko. Weather permitting, we spend the night in Kleftiko, one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.

Day 3: Milos-Kimolos

We sail at 10:00AM for the cavern of Sykia, a spectacular cave with an open, collapsed dome. We get to the small beach inside Sykia with the dinghy for diving and snorkeling. Later on, we sail to the port of Adamas to stock up on provisions and food and subsequently we depart for the uninhabited isle of Polyegos and the island of Kimolos, two of the prettiest volcanic islands in the Cyclades, to spend the night. In the morning, right after breakfast, we enjoy a fantastic swim in the azure waters of Polyegos.

Day 4: Sifnos

We depart at 16:00 in the afternoon to Vathy, Sifnos, a natural harbor, where we spend the night. Local dishes cooked in Sifnian clay pots await you in the quaint little taverns of Sifnos. According to ancient mythology, Sifnos is considered to be the island of Apollon, and thus, Olympian Jeus decorated the island with countless beauties. Brilliant white Cycladic houses separated by narrow, cobblestone-paved alleys and more than 250 picturesque chapels are the trademark sights of Sifnos.

Day 5: Paros

Departure at noon for Paros. We stop on the way at the rocky island of Stroggylo to swim, and to fish for our lunch. We arrive in Paros in the afternoon to spend the night. We either relax on board, or take a walk.
In the evening, we get to Naousa, Paros, one of the most traditional of villages in the Cyclades with the famous ouzo treateries, for our evening meal.

Day 6: Delos - Mykonos

Departure at 10:00 from Paros for Delos, the holy island of ancient Greece.In the heart of the Aegean, six miles due west of Mykonos, there is a small, sunny island that constituted the religious and cultural center of antiquity. It is Delos, the island of Apollo and Artemis. The rest of the islands in the archipelago form an imaginary circle around Delos, hence the name: Cyclades. 

During your tour of Delos you'll be impressed by the plethora of antiquities on the island. In the afternoon, we sail to the adjacent island of Rinia for a swim, and then on to Mykonos to spend the night.

Day 7: Donousa

Departure at 10:00AM for Donousa, the easternmost island of the archipelago, belonging to the “small” Cyclades island complex. Today numbering 160 inhabitants, during the medieval times Donousa was a pirates' hideout. It has maintained its name since the ancient times. Around Donousa there are two rocky islets, Makares and Chtenia, where we'll stop for fishing and a swim, weather permitting. In the evening, we'll dine at the tavernas at Vathy Limenari of Donousa, and spend the night there.

Day 8: Amorgos

At 10:00 in the morning we sail for Amorgos. During the trip, Captain Nick will launch a line to catch tuna fish until we arrive at the harbor of Katapola. Chora, the capital of Amorgos, is built in the center of the island, northeast of Mt. Prophet Elias, surrounded by small hills. The village is not visible from the sea due to the fear of pirates menacing the islands since the ancient times.
To visit the beautiful Chora with its Cycladic architecture, numerous churches and narrow alleys decorated with pots of flowers, you'll need to take the bus or rent a scooter, as it is about 5 km. from the port of Katapola.
You may also visit the Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery in the south of the island, perched high on a protected spot inside the rocky mountain.

Day 9: Schinousa

At 11:00 in the morning we sail for the small Cyclades again. We stop at the uninhabited islands of Keros or Antikeros depending on the weather for a swim, and then on to Iraklia and Schinousa that are next to each other, to spend the night.

Day 10: Naxos

Departure at 10:00AM for Rina bay of Naxos for snorkeling in a cave where sweet water flows and the beach, and then on to the port of Chora, Naxos. There are several sightseeing opportunities in Naxos, so you'll need to rent cars to tour the island. Naxos is located at the heart of the Aegean. It gazes at the sea and has been traveling since the ancient times carrying a precious cargo - its history of many centuries. It chronicles memories in the endless book of experience to pass on to the young. Beautiful Naxos is the largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades, and its name is connected in history with splendid mythological narrations, wars, pirate raids, and also creativity. And there, somewhere between fable and reality, while exploring the picturesque back streets of Chora and the villages, one discovers the human spirit has an inexhaustible talent to create dreamy neighborhoods. Naxos borders on many Cycladic islands with which it has regular ferry connection. To the west is Paros, with Mykonos and Delos to the north, the Small Cyclades (Iraklia, Schinoussa, Keros, Koufonisia) to the south and the small islets Donousa, Stroggyli and Agia Paraskevi to the east. Ancient mythology places Naxos as the homeland of Dionysus. Blessed by the God of Fun, the island is extraordinarily fertile, producing fruit of exceptional quality, as well as amazing wine from its many vineyards. In addition, the livestock-farming of island is particularly developed and the local cheeses are distinguished for their quality and flavor. In general, Naxos is litteraly a heavenly place.

Day 11: Antiparos

We depart at 12 noon for Antiparos. On the way, we stop at the rocky islets of Trionissia to fish for lunch and a swim. In the evening, we visit a local taverna for chops and spend the night at the amazing bay of Agios Georgios of Antiparos.

Day 12: Ios

After breakfast and a swim in the amazing caves of Antiparos, we sail to the port of Ios to stock up on provisions. You'll have the chance to see the Chora of Ios, and later on, weather permitting, we'll sail to Manganari, Ios, to spend the night.

Day 13: Santorini

Departure in the morning from Manganari, Ios, to Santorini. One of the most beautiful towns in Greece is Fyra, the capital of Santorini, perched on an impressive rocky spot at an elevation of 260 m., built in the latter part of the 18th century. Santorini is a creation of the menacing forces of nature. It was created by successive volcanic eruptions and is known worldwide for its unique history, the legends associated with the island, the traditional settlements, its cosmopolitan lifestyle, and the magnificent Caldera view. It is the southernmost island of the Cyclades Archipelago, and belongs to a complex of islands consisting of Thira (Santorini itself), Thirasia, Aspronisi, Palia Kameni, and Nea Kameni. We'll visit Thirasia, the Caldera and swim in the warm waters of Palia Kameni. Prior of spending the night at Armeni, we'll take a donkey ride to the famous tourist destination of Oia, renowned for its magnificent sunset and subterranean dwellings.

The program is subject to amendment depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain.



Dufour Nautitech 475

Period A (13/07 - 14/09) > 9.000€

Period B (04/05 - 13/07 &14/09 - 12/10) > 6.500€

Period C (before 04/05 & after 12/10) > 5.500€


Dufour Nautitech 395

Period A (13/07 - 14/09) > 6.000€

Period B (04/05 - 13/07 &14/09 - 12/10) > 5.000€

Period C (before 04/05 & after 12/10) > 4.000€


Furthermore, skipper's reward, hostess (if you wish) reward, fuel and provisions are included in extra costs:n

Skipper: 140€ per day, Hostess 140€ per dayn

Fuel: 250€-350€ per week depending on itinerary, Provisions: at your concern




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