One week trip in SouthEast Cyclades

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Day 1: Ios

Arrival at Santorini by plane. Captain Nick will be expecting you at the airport to welcome you and escort you to Ammoudi, a small port on the northwest part of the island. There, we'll embark on the catamaran Chrysovalandou and head for Armeni bay to spend the night. At Armeni there is a small taverna to sample traditional Greek cuisine. In the morning, after a nice swim, we'll have our breakfast and head for Manganari bay, Ios. We'll be at Manganari by noon, just in time for a swim followed by a nice meal consisting of seafood caught by the captain himself and cooked on board. After the meal we'll rest and in the afternoon we'll hop on the dinghy to visit the fantastic sandy beach for a swim or a walk. Manganari features two traditional taverns for our supper.

Day 2: Amorgos

In the morning we'll depart for Amorgos. During the trip, Captain Nick will cast a line to catch tuna. If we are lucky, we'll have tuna for lunch. Otherwise, we'll stop at Gramvousa, a small islet on the northwest part of Amorgos, where the captain will spearfish for our mid-day meal, while you swim or snorkel. After our fish meal we'll sail to Katapola, Amorgos, to spend the night. The Chora of Amorgos is a very pretty, traditional village with many churches. From the port of Amorgos, you may take the bus or rent a moped to visit Chora as well as the famous monastery of Panagia Hozoviotisa perched high on a cliff on the south side of the island.

Day 3: Schinousa

In the morning at 11:00AM we set sail for the "small" Cyclades. We'll make scheduled stops for swimming at the uninhabited isles Keros or Antikeros depending on the weather, before leaving for the close together islets Heraklia and Schinousa, where we'll stay overnight.

Day 4: Naxos

Departure at 10:00AM for Rina bay of Naxos for snorkeling at the beach and a fresh water cave. Later on we'll head for the port of Chora , Naxos. The island features great sightseeing. Renting cars is recommended for touring around the many points of interest of the island.

Day 5: Paros

Departure for Ovriocastro, Paros, for a swim, then to the port town of Naousa, Paros, with its traditional white and blue houses, and caiques moored in front of the ouzo-tavernas, for our overnight stay.

Day 6: Ios

Departure is at 10:00AM. Weather permitting we'll stop at Amaras on our way to Ios island, to visit a shipwreck for snorkeling, and then we'll head for the port of Ios where we'll spend the night.

Day 7: Santorini

Depending on the time of your departing flight from Santorini Airport, we'll be there in time to visit the active volcano and hot springs at the islet of Nea Kammeni. Later we'll set anchor at Armeni, quite close to the port of Ammoudi. When you are ready, we'll have 2 taxis dispatched to take you to a travel agency in Fyra, Santorini, to leave your luggage and tour Santorini for a few hours prior to your flight.

The program is subject to amendment depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain.nn


Dufour Nautitech 475

Period A (13/07 - 14/09) > 9.000€

Period B (04/05 - 13/07 &14/09 - 12/10) > 6.500€

Period C (before 04/05 & after 12/10) > 5.500€


Dufour Nautitech 395

Period A (13/07 - 14/09) > 6.000€

Period B (04/05 - 13/07 &14/09 - 12/10) > 5.000€

Period C (before 04/05 & after 12/10) > 4.000€

Furthermore, skipper's reward, hostess (if you wish) reward, fuel and provisions are included in extra costs:n

Skipper: 140€ per day, Hostess 140€ per dayn

Fuel: 250€-350€ per week depending on itinerary, Provisions: at your concern


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